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NHL Players Weekend: Take Two

Last year, around this time, I put together the players weekend for the NHL. Borrowing from the successful MLB edition of this, the uniforms use colourful schemes and boast nicknames on the back, chosen by the players themselves.

This year's weekend would take place October 13/14 with every team playing over those two days. 28 of the 31 teams will wear theirs on Saturday the 13th, while the other 3 (San Jose, New Jersey, Winnipeg) join the action on Sunday the 14th, with 3 of the teams (Carolina, St. Louis, Anaheim) from Saturday getting to wear theirs for the second time. It would be a great way to showcase the game's personalities and give some pulse to the NHL season.

Players Weekend

Last years were fun to put together, but I wanted to ditch white jerseys as much as I could and make them stand out for each team. I cut it down from 12 to 1, with the 1 team using it, unfortunately, being unavoidable, as the Lightning only use blue and white and they are facing Columbus.



Much like last year's every jersey has a patch on both shoulders where players can thank whoever they would like for getting them to the NHL.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!