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National Hockey League Holiday Showcase


Christmas Day is spent with family, receiving gifts and for many, sitting around watching NBA basketball. But it wasn’t always just the NBA on Christmas Day.

From the 1920’s until 1971, the NHL took the ice on Christmas Day, adding to rivalries and exchanging some holiday cheer.

What if the NHL brought the game back to the 25th of December?

Following the NBA model, they would probably want to have five match-ups, highlighting the best the NHL has to offer while also keeping conscious of the ratings vs. the NBA.

Tampa Bay and Nashville, while talented squads, were left out mostly due to geographical issues with their closest competitors being lowly squads (Looking at you, Panthers) and the league would try to keep players as close to home as possible to limit holiday travel.

With that in mind, I settled on five match-ups. (All times PT)

9am - New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins - A classic rivalry that NBC love to showcase as the first game of the day.

11:30am - Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals - Crosby vs. Ovechkin, Nothing left to say.

2:00pm - Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens - The Leafs invade Montréal for an other chapter of an iconic sports rivalry.

4:30pm - Chicago Blackhawks vs. Winnipeg Jets - Hawks Captain Jonathan Toews returns home to Winnipeg for a Christmas day match-up against a Stanley Cup favourite.

7:00pm - Calgary Flames vs. Edmonton Oilers - The best rivalry in the West with the greatest player in the world.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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