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NHL Players Weekend

This weekend, the MLB has been taken over by nicknames, colourful uniforms and all kinds of gear. It's a great opportunity to see the personalities of the players on the field. With that in mind, why doesn't the NHL consider such a thing?

The games would take place on October 7th, in which there are 15 games with 30/31 teams playing. The Canadiens/Rangers game on October 8th would also use these uniforms, as it's the lone game of the day and it could carry over the campaign. Lastly, the Avalanche/Bruins game on Columbus Day Monday, October 9th,  would be sporting these uniforms, as the Bruins would want to get in on all of the fun too (they are the lone team not playing on the weekend)

This series differs from the MLB series, in that they aren't using bright colours and only a handful of colours for all the teams. Instead, they all use the same template but are given the opportunity to use throwback logos, alternate logos, or just use their regular primary logo. 

Some matchups worked colour on colour (my preference) but others needed a white counterpart. The home team was given the choice, and the away team would be designed after.

With that in mind, here are the uniforms!


In addition to the uniforms, taking a page out of the MLB, the players will have the opportunity to thank the people in their lives. There's a patch on each shoulder for them to thank whoever they want.


Hope you enjoyed!

Matthew Henderson