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The 2021 Nevada Classic


The year was 1991. Everything I Do by Bryan Adams was blasting through your speakers, Silence of the Lambs was on the silver screen, but nothing compared to the spectacle that would take place on September 27th. 


The National Hockey League, took to the Las Vegas Strip for a showdown between the Los Angeles Kings, with Wayne Gretzky and the New York Rangers with Mark Messier. A matchup for the ages.


Now this is before the time the NHL put these games in the middle of their schedule, so this was a preseason affair in the parking lot of Caesars Palace. The ice was questionable, but it was the birth of a new trend for the NHL, even if the next outdoor game didn't take place for another 12 years. In Edmonton, the Las Vegas of Canada. (This isn't true)

Flash forward 30 years. It's the 30th anniversary of this game, why not pay tribute to it, with the franchise that now calls this locale their home. The Vegas Golden Knights, hosting the Los Angeles Kings in the Outdoor Classic, paying tribute to the game of yesteryear. The Kings, wearing jerseys paying homage to the Gretzky era with the same striping and colours with their current logo. The Golden Knights, wearing a vintage white fauxback style uniform, as they don't have the same history to draw from.

The logos, flashy like Vegas itself, using a poker chip as a base for the main logo, and the iconic Las Vegas marquee as the alternate logo.

And of course, you gotta make sure you get a little merchandise.

Enjoy, and happy new year!

Matthew Henderson