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Concept: NHL Jersey Advertisements

As you may have heard this week, the Philadelphia 76ers became the first pro sports franchise in North America to reach an agreement to put ads on the front of their jerseys. Stubhub took the job, and it'll be the first of many across not only the NBA but, all of North American pro sports.

It makes too much sense, the front of the jersey is prime real estate in an industry that is always looking to make an extra buck.

With that in mind, I decided to see what the 30 NHL teams would look like with a local (within state or province) business on the front. Some teams have a lesser known sponsor while others have big market sponsors as would be the case in real life.

This does not take into account any patches or anything on the left side of the uniform. In most cases, those logos would be forced to move to the shoulder of the uniform as the ads would probably take top priority. The Buffalo Sabres are the only team to still feature a number on the front of the jersey, which would have to be removed as well.

I know the jerseys aren't perfect, but they do the job. The template is via Icethetics. Hopefully they all make sense.... Without further ado, here are the 30 teams.