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Concept: The Valentine Crush

As enter Valentine's Day weekend, with love in the air, I decided to keep that theme going for today's post.

The Minor League Baseball formula is tough. You have to keep people entertained for a lower level baseball team, for a lot of games a year. Promotional Nights are king in Minor League Baseball. But one team, went above and beyond to make sure they were as true to their city as they could be.

Enter, the Valentine Crush.

Based in Valentine, Nebraska, this team of bruisers isn't afraid to don the pink and red night in and night out. After all, you agree to play in Valentine, Nebraska, what else do you expect?


Complete with a heart border, a script type and bold love-themed colours, it would be hard not to see this team is full of love. Coupled with the hat logo, which is two baseball bats crossed to make a "V" on top of hearts, of course, and you've got yourself the most loving logo suite in sports.

I'll let the uniforms do the rest of the talking. Happy Valentines!