Matthew Henderson Design


Concept: Origami Creative

I decided to do something off the beaten path for my next concept, completely separate from any sport branding I typically do. For this one, I imagined a new creative brand that focuses on the handmade aspect of design. In this digital world, we find ourselves losing touch from the beauty of handmade work. Hence the name, Origami, which is the Japanese name for paper folding. But just because it is a handmade brand, doesn't mean they lose touch from their digital side. They have an app, where you can explore their work, order handmade business cards and branding materials, and share your experiences with the Origami brand.

The colours of the brand harp back to beauty in it's truest form. The rainbow colour scheme connects people with the world around them, and is synonymous with happiness. Coupled with a folded paper style design, the logo is striking on its own, along with the wordmark that accompanies it in some uses.

The business card plays off the of the Origami name, by use creative folding to create an interactive experience with the person who receives the business card. The handout will be square when folded down, which makes it easy to transport and the extra folded pieces will be serrated with means you can tear off the excess pieces after use.